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I am very glad you found your way to my blog.  Marriage and relationships are my passion.  Most of this passion comes from the happiness my own marriage and family bring me.  I have an amazing wife and two beautiful and comical daughters that remind me everyday of why I do the work I do.  The caring, love, and pure entertainment that they provide me with make it very clear to me the incredible power that exists within families.  Of course, we have had struggles that we have had to work through, but each one of these experiences has deepened our compassion, understanding, love, and confidence in knowing that we can weather any storm together.  There is a great peace that comes from this knowledge.  Because I have seen so clearly the incredible impact of a strong marriage in my own life, I want nothing more than to do all I can to help in bringing this to others. 

I come from a somewhat unique background.  I was the last born in my family after a brother and five sisters in a row.  I guess my parents decided they needed to keep trying until they could add a bit more balance to the estrogen overload in our family.  I have loved being the youngest.  Being able to follow after six amazing siblings, learning from them and their spouses, whom I love dearly, has been a great blessing to me.  It has also been a great blessing to have spent so much time around so many wonderful women.  Between my five sisters, my girls, and my wife, I have gained deep respect for women, in addition to venturing through the no-man’s land of actually understanding them.  It has also given me a much more balanced perspective in trying to uncover why we all do what we do.  I believe this has helped me to be a better therapist and certainly a better husband. 

I sincerely hope that the concepts I share in this blog will be as beneficial to you as they have been to me, both personally and professionally.  I invite any questions or comments you have regarding relationships.  I love what I do and would be happy to share anything I can.

Matt Wilson, MSW, CBM



Published on February 27, 2009 at 11:24 am  Comments (3)  

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  1. Great article Matt. Looks like you are going great things. I enjoyed it.


  2. Matt,

    You’ve made some great points on defensiveness. I found myself reading it and saying, “He’s right: when I get defensive, I’m not trying to call the other person wrong; I just feel unaccepted and disapproved of and don’t like that feeling.” But you’re right: when Dave offers me criticism (on the rare occasions he does), it’s to help me or because he longs to be closer to me. I don’t think I ever consciously ever thought about it that way. Thanks so much! I think a lot of marriages would be saved if everyone mastered these valuable concepts.

    • Thanks a bunch! It can really open up your world when you start looking at things a little differently. And it can definitely make living, loving, and laughing a whole lot easier!

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